Once Again

Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys
Rachel Brown


"Once Again"


I rolled over to see an almost empty bottle

reflecting my lines like broken glass

My swollen eyes tell a story that I'm too numb to hear

But I know it's one, much like the last


In my drunken haze, I long to feel your touch

It was only yesterday, but that's too long

Wish I could turn back the time, to see you again

But your teary eyes, would show me where I went wrong


Tell me why it is that I can't do this right

My will ends before it begins

I don't have the chance to undo what's been done

Looks like I've done, yet once again


I thought you would be my last time

But it seems once again that I've failed the test

I know my faults and I do accept the blame

Trust me when I say with you I had the best


So I'll close my eyes and imagine you here

Soon I'll be feeling no pain

I'll lay here and think as I swallow this last drink 

And accept that I've done it yet once again

Lord knows I've done it, yet Once again.