My Namesake

Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys
Rachel Brown


A tune about my wonderful Aunt Rachel.


"My Namesake" Written by Rachel Brown

She was born on Campbell's Creek and she's a sister to eight

A bit ornry and a real tomboy

As fair as the snow, blue eyes that seem to glow

The kind of beauty that brings you joy

Yea, she's somethin' my namesake

Really somethin' my namesake


Her pappy worked the mines somehow he'd find the time

To read the scripture and hum old hymns

He'd line the kids up to sing rock of ages would ring

Even their mama would join in

That's her story my namesake

Part of her story, my namesake


Husband and daughter in tow, her life was her own

Strummin that old Gibson guitar

Her fingers would bleed, but it sure filled a need

Singin' her songs from the heart

She's a star, My namesake

A shining star, My namesake


So many loved ones have gone, but she still carries on

Losing a bit of herself each time it seems

Too me she's a light, that guides through the night

A pillar of strength for all to see

Yea she's somethin' my namesake

Really somethin' my namesake