Jimmy C

Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys
Rachel Brown


An almost all true story about a friend from long ago.


"Jimmy C" written by Rachel Brown

Jimmy C was a drunkard's child, such a vagabond was he

With his rusted buick, his old Les Paul and his new girlfriend Marie

He came to town after a dry spell to make his presence known

In every honky tonk and jamboree you could hear his guitar moan


Singin' about the evening sun and yodelin' way up high

With a smile even brighter than the Mississippi sky



He'd always have a good tale to tell, one you knew not to believe

but it was so much fun to listen on the edge of your seat

His temper was hotter than fire, I saw it more than twice

We learned to keep the Jack away till the end of the night


Ah Jimmy was a simple man, always called the girls "ma'am"

He'd sing 'em blues about trains and love and the last ride of the cowhand

He'd often find trouble or may it'd find him

And as far as luck was concerned, his chances were pretty slim


But he'd sing about a Mule Skinner and yodel way up high

With a smile even brighter than the Mississippi sky



I never heard what happened to my ol pal

Sometimes wonder what I'd say if her were still around

but if I listen real hard when the west wind blows

I close my eyes, I see his smile, I let my mind go